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2019-2020 Eagle Fund
The Eagle Fund is the most important fundraiser at SJE. Tuition covers roughly 83% of what it costs to educate each student and the Eagle Fund helps close that gap. A strong annual fund helps us keep tuition costs down making Catholic education a reality for more people.

Think of it this way. Your household income pays for mortgage/rent, utilities, groceries and other basic household expenses. Tuition and the Eagle Fund are SJE's household income. Home and School fundraisers like the Jubilee and Race for Education help pay for the extra things on our wish lists. The capital campaign is a separate fund that goes toward campus expansion. Think of those last two fundraisers as supplemental income that you use to save for a new flat screen TV, a renovated kitchen or adding a room to your house when your family has outgrown your current space.

Your gifts of prayer and monies help cover operating expenses like salaries and benefits of highly qualified faculty/staff members, general office supplies and equipment (postage, printing, etc.), student services (supplies, Archdiocesan taxes/assessments, insurance, clinic, etc.) and facilities (utilities, property insurance, grounds, maintenance).

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